Möhkönvirta 2015

Today was the official opening of Möhkönvirta 2015. A group exhibition across neighbouring museums near Ilomantsi. Am delighted to say my work is in good company. At Parppeinvaara Walk in Progress; Bedrock (Video) is housed in its own log house/gallery alongside other log houses showing artwork by Finnish artists; artwork that is both beautiful and powerful.

The wonderfully evocative soundscape ( by Petri Kartunen) to Walk in Progress; Bedrock can be heard at the doorway by way of gentle introduction. To have the work on show in such a beautiful setting is a privilege, an inspiration of its own.  I have works on paper being shown at another of the sites. Thank you Toivo Jaskenen and the Möhkönvirta team for making this show happen... and while we are on thank you's, thank you Simon for helping get the work there and Michael Fairfax who took a break from his Koli Arts Festival sculpting to come along. 

And for those who cannot make it to the exhibition, Walk in Progress: Bedrock can now been seen here.