Derwent Pulse. Touring Exhibition.

It was with massive pride and joy I went to see the Derwent Pulse (legacy) exhibition at the Level Centre, Rowsley, Derbyshire this week. A brilliant venue to start off the Derwent Pulse Touring Exhibition. The Level Centre deserves huge credit and thank you for its welcome. The Level Centre has an approach to creativity and inclusivity that artists and art communities aspire to. It was a privilege to have joined their team to work there during the Derwent Pulse project and a delight to return, such a shame I had just missed the morning session.

The programme of workshops associated with Derwent Pulse began a year ago. I had the good fortune of working with communities along Derwent River Valley as they produced maps, images, poems and songs that celebrated the River Derwent. Charting the Future is culmination of that work; it is an installation, map, meeting place, collaboration, celebration, legacy… all this and more. There will be further opportunities to see Charting the Future exhibited along with the film, photos and screen at venues in Derbyshire including over the coming months. More of the maps will be added. Derwent Pulse was a fantastically rewarding project to be involved with. Well done Charles Monkhouse who led the project, well done team, and a massive well done to the communities involved.   

Derwent Pulse wove together past, present and future histories of the river, its culture and its people. Its pulsating light flow beat out the historical pulse of the mills as it travelled from the river’s source on Bleaklow to its mouth on the Trent.

More information about Derwent Pulse is available here