Lost in maps

In preparation for the Koli Environmental Arts Festival I have surrounded my self with mappings and meanderings. I will be with the Koli School children next week while they create their map of a 'Unien metsä ' ('Forest of Dreams'). Following on from this will be a map of 'Walkers Words' involving the Koli community and then my own Lost Map. The team of organisers have put together a great programme of events associated with the Festival, it rolls out this week and will continue through the summer. 

And not so very far away in Ilomantsi will be the Möhkönvirta 2015 exhibition. Opening 5th June. I am delighted to say that my video of Walk in Progress: Bedrock has been selected to be shown alongside artworks by Russian and Finnish Artists as part of the Möhkö museum's summer exhibition. And then, back in Koli, opening 1st July will be Kolmengalleria (The Gallery of Three) , an exhibition I am very much looking forward to.