The Memory Play Ground

The Memory Play Ground has been one of the many successful research projects included in the 2015 Rose Bruford Symposium under the umbrella theme of 'On stage Off stage and Beyond'. It follows on from Placing Memories which was included in the Rose Bruford Symposium 2014. This collaborative artwork brings together three creative practitioners whose research practice and specialisms (light, sound and visual arts) share a concern for the experiential and immersive. The project has been devised and curated by Chrys Allen, Oliver Brennan and Ben Ratcliff and has enjoyed the involvement of students who have designed 'emotive' spaces; chambers of light, textures and sound where memories are taken to be revived and possibly redefined.

The installation facilitates an hour of exploring stories, senses and spaces. A memory triggered by a (bottled) scent is held dear and taken to different chambers to be taken 'beyond'. "It isn't just what happened in that memory, but what might have happened" ( anon, participant)

The Memory Play Ground has proven to be creative, insightful and touching; which is exactly what playgrounds are.

A big Thank you to Gaby Robertson, Mitch Andrews, Will Steggles, Oli Brennan, Lizzy Gunby, Coco Nies, Ryan Lawrence, Matt Bevan, Ben Ratcliff and Jason Monmaney. 

Rose Bruford  College of Theatre and Performance
Lamorbey Park , Sidcup,  Kent!programme/c80w